What is the Dolly Xtractor?

The Dolly Xtractor is a single piece of stainless steel looped on one end and hooked on the other end. When attached to a shoe, it makes it easy to pull the tongue of the dolly free with very little extra effort. The wearer can use the force of their entire shoe to remove the load, rather than just the top of their foot.

  • How do you benefit from using the Dolly Xtractor?

    The Dolly Xtractor makes your job easier by requiring less effort.
    The Dolly Xtractor removes the need to shimmy or tip the load forward to remove the tongue of the dolly, thus reducing the chance of a spilled load.
    The Dolly Xtractor is great for depositing loads flat against a wall or for removing a dolly load in tight spaces.
    The Dolly Xtractor also adds to your shoe or boot life!
    The top of boots and shoes are damaged from dolly axle frequently rubbing and bending the boot or shoe.

  • Who can use the Dolly Xtractor?

    It is GREAT for delivery drivers, movers, any type of dolly user.
    The Dolly Xtractor makes removing the dolly tongue easy enough for a child.
    It is an inexpensive investment that is sure to save you time and frustration.
    It also alleviates foot pain and pressure from frequent dorsiflexion of the foot.
    The Dolly Xtractor attaches to virtually any shoe or boot with laces.
    The convienient tool remains attached to the boot, so there is no need to remember to attach it daily.
    It can also be used with virtually any type of dolly regardless of type or manufacturer.

“The Dolly Xtractor transfers the weight of the load away from the top of the foot, reducing or eliminating pain associated from frequent flexing of the foot and ankle. Loads are placed quicker and more accurately with less effort and physical strength required when a Dolly Xtractor is utilized.”

“The Dolly Xtractor is the simplest, most functional tool in my occupation. It makes my job so much easier”

“The top of my foot is longer in throbbing pain at the end of the day. The Dolly Xtractor WORKS!”

“The Dolly Xtractor gives me confidence that I’m not going to damage goods or trip over a pile.”

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